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SEMRush Review – Do Not Buy SEMRush Until You Check This Review!


SEMRush! Most of you may have heard very little about it, some may have seen some banner ads about it on various websites and if you are related to internet marketing, digital marketing or related field then I am sure, you must have gone. Their website.

It is a very common tool for webmasters, bloggers and search engine marketers. So I wrote an article on this tool, a semi-review.

So this is going to be a full review about a well-known tool that is being used by digital marketers, SEO professionals, social media experts, website owners and many professionals who have an online presence. I hope you find it useful.

What You Will learn from my Semrush Review?

  • What is SEMRush?
  • Features of SEMRush?
  • What is missing from SEMRush?
  • Keyword Research and backlink analysis For SEO & PPC via SEMRUSH?
  • How to do Competitor Analysis for SEO & Google Adwords via Semrush?
  • Doing site audit using Semrush tools?
  • Can Semrush help you in Search Engine Optimization?
  • How Semrush can grow your PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns?
  • How SEMRush can help your business? Is Semrush for me?
  • Pricing and plans

What is Semrush?

SEMrush is a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing, from SEO and PPC to social media and video advertising research.

It all starts with entering a domain, URL or keyword in the search bar.


For your information, SEMRUSH has a database of 28 countries on Google and Bing. So you have enough data from countries to do research.

What are the features of SEMRush?

– SEO and organic research:

  • It can help you in SEO and organic research.
  • You can do research to rank keywords.
  • You can analyze keywords (difficulty level, number of searches per month, competition level)
  • Track contestants, finding where they are ranking well.
  • See the status change for your site in Google and Google country specific listings.

– SEM, PPC and Paid Marketing:

  • It can help you in search engine marketing, PPC (pay per click) and paid marketing.
  • Track your competitive marketing activities
  • Highlight their online advertising spend and keywords
  • Find their advertising copies and bid strategies.
  • Analyze and analyze before making mistakes and wasting money and learning from them.

– Google Display Advertising Network

  • It can help you with display advertising (Google Display Network)
  • Analyze top publishers and advertisers.
  • Uncover other display advertiser strategies. (Their headlines, success strategies, bid strategies, placements, banners and more).
  • Capture and monitor new advertisers so that you can learn from their strategies and see how they change it over time.
  • Find out how the same advertiser performs on different devices. (It also helps you find out which devices are going to be the best for your campaign and where most of your budget will be spent).
  • Read: Google Advertising Case Study where I used Semrush to increase my earning potential with Google Ads.

– Site auditing

Find and fix issues on your website, such as duplicate content, meta descriptions, broken links, height descriptions and other things that are needed to get the best score.

– Backlinks

Research your own backlinks as well as your rivals’ backlinks.

– Material Planning.

It also helps in content planning.

– Status tracking and monitoring.

If you are constantly concerned about your snake position ranking and are looking for a good tool that can track it automatically, then you can trust this tool.

– Video research.

This great library also helps with video research.

– Product Listing Advertisement.

Cemras also helps with product list ads.

– Social media tools.

It also has various social media tools that can enhance your digital marketing skills and experience.

What I like most about SEMRush?

  • SEMRush comes with industry-best customer support, a large community of users and a good knowledge base for each customer.
  • They actively contribute to the community by doing weekly webinars on SEO / SEM / PPC / SMM issues and tutorials.
  • SEMRush can be easily integrated and combined with Google Analytics and Search Console to track website performance.
  • They are never satisfied, the SEMRush team is constantly growing, updating and adding more features to its tools.
  • It’s all in a digital marketing tool

What’s Missing in SEMRush Review?

Obviously, nothing is perfect and everything needs improvement. The success of any product is open to criticism and new development of the product.

There are some features that I think are missing with SEMRush.

  • Lack of White Label Report, although you can brand your logo but your client will still know that you are using SEMRush to get data.
  • The data is not always accurate, I have experienced it personally, sometimes it is shown a bit more, then what things really are, however to deal with it, I have my own experience to analyze it and The decision is there, but it is the facility where they need to work.
  • Compared to what we are paying, this is a terrible tool, but it would be nice to see if they add Facebook advertising and LinkedIn ad analytics to their service, but even without it, it is worth every penny.
  • When it comes to paid advertising, I don’t know much about location-based geographic campaigns and I had trouble organizing ads, because I only have the option to see all ads.
  • Display advertising is limited to the Google Adwords Display Network only, BuySell ads or Facebook ads can also be a great option.
  • I would like to see something related to Instagram so that people can use it to make money from Instagram effectively!
  • It would be great if they could explain the CTR performance for search results and paid lists for specific domains, I know I’m asking a lot here, but it would always be great to see this feature someday.

I also think that the monthly subscription costs are high for marketers and most newcomers think of buying it pirated or in a joint venture, which I don’t strongly recommend.

How SEMRush can help in increasing your website traffic?

According to a study by Search Engine Watch, a typical website can receive up to 64% of traffic from search engines.

Even more; Most people usually type the name of a website in the search box to find out more about a website, that is the authority and its image. Therefore it is important to have organic traffic to your site.

SEMRush can help you find out which keywords you are currently ranking; How you can improve it on search engines; What is your competitors ranking; How can you rank them?

In addition to organic traffic customer acquisition; If you are doing paid advertising and are interested in knowing what kind of paid online marketing activities your online competitor is interested in doing, then SEMRush can be a great help.

How to do Keyword analysis For SEO & PPC via SEMRUSH?

The importance of Keyword Research can never be under-estimated! This is the first step towards your SEO or paid marketing campaign. See my article on The Right Way to do Keyword Research for PPC & SEO.

For a quick modification, if we are selling iPhone 6 and with a quick query on we find the following keywords

Semrush gives us the ability for Google to search for them on specific domains of the country to find out how the competition differs across each TLD.

I am choosing Google US as the search engine here.

Now further scrolling showed me

How to do Keyword analysis For SEO & PPC via SEMRUSH?
How to do Keyword analysis For SEO & PPC via SEMRUSH?

Okay now I have 200,000 + keyword variations now and then I’m looking for. SEMCush’s keyword research tool has been very effective for me, specifically for my own keyword research about PPC and SEO.

So SEMRush Review has provided me

  • General keyword analysis with organic search and paid listing details.
  • The phrase match is relevant to the word search.
  • The related word is relevant to the search term.
  • Organic search results
  • Number of ads running on the keyword.
  • So I clicked on the phrase match keyword to learn more on the keyword.

Half review

Here I can see the following things for the keyword:

  • Volume: The average number of search queries over the past 12 months for a given keyword.
  • CPC: The average amount an advertiser pays for each click through an ad triggered using keywords – this is beneficial for Google AdWords analysis.
  • com. : Competitive density describes competition over keywords in paid listings. One (1) means the highest competition.
  • Results: The number of URLs being displayed in the organic search results for each search.
  • Trend: This is a graphical view of the amount of discoveries made in the last 12 months.

How to do Competitor Analysis for SEO & Google Adwords via Semrush?

This is a very important feature of SEMRush. Using this tool, I can find contestants’ online strategies that they are using on the Google AdWords network. This is a terrible feature, for which I cannot thank them enough.

Ever since I started spying on my competitors, I have improved sales by 200% for most of my PPC clients.

It is very important to understand your competitors. You will have a clear idea of ​​what costs you are going to bear to drive your marketing strategy.

What is their competitive edge and how are they cashing it in, and other things are necessary.

You can perform competitive analysis using two methods.

  • Write your competitor website.
  • Write your target keywords.
  • If we enter our competitor website, SEMRush will get all the keywords where they are advertising on Google or where they are ranking in organic results.

Doing site audit using Semrush tools?

This is another very important feature of SEMRush which I personally like very much. For those of you who are struggling to create more visitors, good impressions and more authority for your website, this should be a feature.

Let’s discuss some features in this tool

  • It can find broken links on your site. (This is going to be a terrible thing, especially if you have a lot of pages and you are doing a lot of inter or external linking.)
  • This tool can help you find pages with duplicate content on your site.
  • You can find pages that have no meta description.
  • Can search pages where there is less text than HTML ratio.
  • Additionally it can detect all other problems that are blocking your SEO progress in some way.

When it comes to connecting websites for customers, it should have a tool. For my site too, it seems perfect for me, but when I tried to do site auditing of my website using SEMRush.

I came across an error in my website that I was not aware of. .

Internal and external linking errors

I searched for all non-work links, even in the comments section. I had two disadvantages due to these internal and external linking errors.

Poor user experience (404 error pages of the user were redirected.)
Hurting SEO Strategy (Google also does not like that the links you are referring to are now 404 error pages.)

So it took me about 45 minutes to find and sort out all the bad links. After removing them, I did a test again on the SEMRush audit tool to see how my site is performing in terms of SEO score.

Half review

So I got a +7 score, as I was able to increase my site score from 68% to 75%. Is not it good? Now I add the meta description to all my pages and find how it will affect my score. I know 100% is not my goal, but I look forward to improving it.

So now using Yoast SEO, I am going to add meta descriptions to all pages and see how it affects my site score.

I used the bulk editor tool since I had not added any meta descriptions before and it helped a lot to save time, as it would take me a lot of time to manually open the page and add it, although I took it 45 minutes.

How Can Semrush help you in Search Engine Optimization?

When it comes to search engine optimization, there is no doubt that it is a terrible tool. For me, this is a life saver for SEO. I am using this tool as a reminder for almost all SEO needs, but it can help me in the following ways

  • It can help you in doing keyword research for SEO, it has a keyword difficulty tool, can tell relevant keywords, phrase match keywords etc. I can also find competition details.
  • It can help me do competitive research, I can find which keywords my contestants are ranking on and how many back links they have, besides I can see those back links.
  • The Site Audit Tool page is an awesome tool to detect site issues, broken links, meta descriptions, duplicate content, and other issues.
  • The status tracking tool can help me analyze where my site ranks for multiple keywords.
  • SEO Idea is another great addon, it not only compares your site optimization with your competitors, but it also creates new keywords and also brings other related ideas to optimize.

How Semrush can grow your PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns?

Considering the importance of the pay per click market and realizing the time is money, again it is one of the best tools I use and I recommend it to everyone.

Understanding your PPC goals, SEMRush can help you achieve various objectives such as:

  • This can help you in doing keyword research for PPC. I posted a detailed tutorial on how to find the right keywords for your paid marketing and it is a great tool to do it.
  • Using the competitive analytics feature, you can find your competitor’s ads, their keywords, and CPC (cost-per-click) bids.
  • This will give you a clear idea of ​​how your competitor has an edge and how you can do it.
  • It can track data on 28 variations of Google and analyze paid data on the Bing search engine.
  • Their PLA (Product List Advertisement) feature reveals your competitor’s advertising information. (This is a great help for e-commerce sites.)
  • I would personally recommend this feature to everyone, I am using this feature for my competitors and spies and it is a great help to me and my team. So click here to get your free SEMRush test now.

Display advertising: SEMRush Advantage

Google’s Display Network plays a huge role in the online search advertising market and with SEMrush’s Display Advertising feature you are able to analyze how other companies create successful display ads.

It can help you find your competitor’s display ads, bids, settings, you can also see the amount of ad impressions and the ad’s ability to generate conversions. This makes SEMRush standout from other tools available in the market.

Deep Goal:
Interestingly, they also help you in-depth targeting by providing SEMrush Adsense Publisher’s report, which can help you find websites that advertise your competitors. This is extremely important to know, because not every relevant site is generating leads, so finding the exact sites where your competitors are targeting is a big feature.

How can it help your business? Is SEMRush for me?

As mentioned above, this is a great product. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to track and spy on your competitors, not only will it help you find loop holes in your own strategy.

But you can also learn your competitor’s USP (Unique Selling Proposal) and apply it to your company as well, that was the pure reason, I wrote this SEMRush Review for you guys.

If something is working for me, I would definitely like to benefit others.

What about Pricing? Let’s have a look on what SEMRush is plans.

If you are a starter, I would recommend you to go with the pro plan and then upgrade it according to your needs.

For most users, the PRO plan is the perfect plan to go with, however if you have high requirements or you also handle digital marketing requirements for your customers; Then you can choose the package according to your requirement.

Click here to start using SEMrush with 30 days free trial.

After sales support : SEMRush

He has a great after sales support to deal with them, realizing the importance of customer satisfaction. You can mail them, call them, message on Skype, Twitter and contact them on our site as well.

Get FREE SemRush Account: Lifetime Access Of Guru Plan (Worth $199.95)- 2020

I am part time blogger from Gujarat and full time android developer.

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