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Semrush academy | Learn how to use SEMRush for More Traffic


Semrush academy | Learn how to use SEMRush for More Traffic : SEMRUSH is a favorite search engine tool for many bloggers or Internet Marketers.

You will find many articles about it on TrickyMoney, in which it has been told how to use it in Content Marketing and SEO. I highly recommend you to read those articles.

One reason why many Indian Bloggers or Marketers do not use SEMRUSH is because it does not have an Indian database.

But about a year ago SEMRUSH has added Google Search Database and which is great news for Publishers and SEO Industry.

In this guide I will tell you how to use the new Google Search Database for your benefit.

How to use Google Search Database for your benefit:

It would be great if you also open SEMRUSH together, and read this guide as well. You can use their free account with some limitations, or you can grab their pro-account with this link for free for 14 days.


Verification will require a credit card. If you do not wish to renew, you can cancel your account within 14 days, and you will not be charged for anything.

Check the domain keywords rankings of your competitors:

One feature of SEMRUSH is that with this you can check the keywords ranking of your domain and the rankings of any other domain irrespective of the country.

Now from Indian Database you can see which keywords from your domain or which rankings are the keywords of your competitor.

Semrush academy | Learn how to use SEMRush for More Traffic

Find profitable keywords:

SEMRUSH also makes it easy for a non-technical user to find relevant and valuable keywords.

You can add any domain like, etc. And you can know which keywords they rank on.

This is the easiest way for Indian startups and upcoming e-commerce sites, they can perform well by tapping the existing profitable keywords of their competitors or popular sites.

Also you can quickly find the latest keywords and long tail keywords. You should always choose long tail keywords as they are very effective in bringing high targeted traffic.

Here is an example of a long tail keyword (phrase match keywords) for target keywords, “online shopping sites”.

This is very useful when you target a niche, and for that you have to cover articles. Thus you will have a research and data base keywords.

To ensure that you use all keywords one way or another, you can make a strategy plan.

Create Micro-Niche site in Easy Steps:

By using the above report, you can easily create a micro-niche site. Harsh has likewise shared a micro-niche case study on TrickyMoney which he had created.

Here is a report of a keyboard “Micromax” which is a popular Indian Mobile Brand:

You can see from this keyboard report how easy it is to create a micro niche site related to Micromax. There is every reason for this type of website or blog to be profitable.

Check the performance of any site in Google Search:

You can also see how a site is performing in Google Search, whether it is your own site or one of your competitor.

It gives an excellent overview of the past and current situation of your site. This feature shows a graph that shows the visibility of the site’s keywords in the search engine.

An example of a popular Government Jobs Site is:

As you can see from the graph, the search engine rankings of the site have been down in the last month. If this was the case for your site, then it would have been time for you to complete SEO for your site.

Note: SEMRUSH has a Site SEO audit feature, which is a best feature in the SEO market.

See live ad copies for any keywords or domains:

This particular features will be used and appreciated by marketers, affiliates and Internet marketing companies. You can see copies of ads that are running live by Google AdWords for your targeted keywords.

This is where things get interesting, because an advertiser can save a lot of money by tapping ad copies used by popular companies. You can see ad copies used by any domain in

Here is a report of your Flipkart ad copies:

You can also export ad copies in Excel or .CSV format.

Semrush academy | Learn how to use SEMRush for More Traffic

A Complete SEO suite:

In this article I told you that you can grow your online business by using the assistance of database by SEMRUSH. Similarly, you can use this technique for any other country.

SEMRUSH offers many more features, which makes it a complete SEO suite, which you can use today. These are some other features that you can explore yourself:

  • Domain SEO Audit
  • Backlink checker
  • Keyboard Position Tracker
  • Keyword Difficulty Checker
  • Domain vs. Domain comparison

Go ahead and go to SEMRUSH’s site and try these features yourself. If you want to explore all the features, then use the link below to create an exclusive 14-day trial account.

This offer is exclusively for the readers of TrickyMoney. Bloggers Can Use SEMRush for More Traffic and Revenue.

Create a free trial account of SEMRUSH.

I am part time blogger from Gujarat and full time android developer.

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