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How to make one hundred dollars a month – Adsense


How to make one hundred dollars a month – Adsense : Before writing the post, you should know that this work is very easy and very difficult too, if you study all the information given in this post well and make a complete plan in advance, then you will get such results in the 6th month.

Can everyone earns $ 100, $ 200 dollars a month, but you will get all the information from this post about how difficult and how easy it is to do the same work daily.

The work is not there, if you are a good professional English Blogger then this work can be done very easily.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are a “Professional English Blogger” or want to create and have the courage to do something, then only you can do this work, otherwise this post is not of any use to you.

Why so ? If you read further about this, you will get information about why we cannot do this.

As you know, earning $ 100 a day (that too Adsense Se) is not a game (a lot of people are not able to earn even in such a month) and it is not such a fast work, it takes time but one day It will come that you will be able to do this.

Google Adsense Se $ 100 Per Day Kaise Kamaye? Before knowing about, it is important for you to know what is Google Adsense? How do people make money from it? And how can you make money from it?

What is Google Adsense ?

This is a Google program that is for publishers. Publisher creates his website or blog and writes article posts on it, then after a few days when traffic starts coming to his blog or website, he applies for Adsense Program so that he can also earn online Paisa by placing Ad on his website or blog.

It is a subsidiary company of Google, which uses its publisher and puts its ads on them, in return they give them money. This is what happens to an adsense account, this account is like this, after getting a job, it works like a job.

If you do a good job on your website and bring good visitors, then you will have income every month, that too depending on you. That is how much dollars you can earn for a month, Google Adsense pays you at the minimum of $ 100.

Payment is transferred to your bank account on 22-23 of every month. For which you have to give your bank details to Adsense, which has to be filled in the Adsense account.

Example – Just like you have a website on which you place an ad for Google Adsense, you are giving your place to Adsense, in return it gives you money, this is what happens with Google Adsense Program…

Advertiser instead of Google Publisher Runs through Adsense. People or you can call this program Adsense.

Tricks that you can also earn from Adsense for $ 100 Per Day?

  1. First of all, you should write at least 500+ Premium Articles on your blog or website, whichever you have (Premium Articles means that all the information about the article on which you are writing is Step by There should be steps, the article should not be copied with anyone, you can write it yourself or you can write articles from any content writer, Articles should be of Minimum 1500-2000 + Words (if you have $ 100 Per Day Earn from your website or blog If you want to?)
  2. If you have 500-600 posts on your blog, then only you will be able to earn $ 100 Par Day.
  3. Now it comes to how will this happen? What can we do to achieve this goal? For this, first of all you have to decide your Topic [Subject], which topic you want to give information related to people on your website, like suppose you like Career Guide, Rojgar Updates, Business Ideas, SEO, Marketing & Social Media If you want to start your website on one topic, then for that you must first do Keyword Research, that is, how many pages will be made in your website and for which topic you will need to create an Excel file in advance. To make best career, career in business sector, social media marketing career, internet career, online career, these are called keywords, this is an example, now you will understand what the keywords are] Research will have to be kept for a few days. Do the same thing, when you have 500 Keyword Ready, then you start posting articles about them on your website, you keep doing this work continuously for at least 3-4 articles in a week [1500-2000 plus] Do post on Words website.
  4. After all this work is done, you will have a task to make so many posts ready, then work on it for 2-3 months and do not think about making money, start writing posts on the website.
  5. When you have 70-80 article posted on your website, then you must do an analysis of your website i.e. google analytics tool ad [you can do this in the initialization] then after that look at your website How many visitors are coming in the month, you can get all the information related to your visitor very easily, this service is free like Google, you can create an account from here.
  6. When you will create so many posts in your website, you will find that 2000-3000 Visitor’s Daily is coming to your website. Then you apply for Google Adsense and then your Adsense will be approved and you will be able to run Ad on your website. To apply for an Adsense Account, there should be a minimum of 3 months old website or blog and 1000 Visitor’s Per Day, then you can get Adsense Approval, but I believe if you apply for your website only after 5 months, it would be good. , You benefit greatly from this.
  7. Now you also got an Adsense Account and you started writing a good post too, just keep the process equal, in about 10-12 months you will be able to achieve the figure of $ 100 Per Day for that. You will also have to promote your website, for which you will also have to do Time to Time SEO for which a lot has to be done. You can get information about SEO Kya Hai from here.
  8. Any website or blog that gets 30000-40000 Page Views in a day and gets CPC $ 0.10 Per Click, then it can earn $ 100 Per Day, this work is for English Website or Blog. A Hindi Website or Blog person can only earn $ 20-25 in such page views, while the same thing is done by English Blog $ 100 Dollor Per Day, because there is a huge difference of CPC in both types of blogs, about which you will get further information. Will get CPC, PPC These two play a very big role in the world of Google, due to which people invest money in their business and people make money from their website.
  9. To earn $ 100 Per Day, 35,000-40,000 page views should come on the website per day. If you do so much, then you too can do it, it is important to plan well and be a good content writer yourself. Another content writer can be hired in.
  10. If you read this post well and do a good homework on it, and keep working on it, then you will surely get success.

What is CPC and PPC ?

PPC and CPC are the two big names in the world of Google, it is through this that someone does online advertising and marketing of their business, PPC which advertiser, pays through Google Adwords, for their business online Ad, it costs money for every click.

Suppose the PPC of an Ad is $ 1.00, then when his ad is clicked, he has to pay 1 Dollor Adword. The money it takes to get your business online advertised through Google Adwards is known as PPC.

On whose website this ad runs, Google Adsense, the owner of the website that pays, has been given the name of CPC (cost-per-click) like if someone gets Per Click $ 0.10 Cent, then if 10 Ad from his website.

If clicked, his income will be $ 1.00, so Pay Adsense to Adsense Publishers.

One of these is part of Google Adwards (PPC) and the other is Google Adsense (CPC), the promotion of your business or website online through Adwards is called PPC (Pay Per Click).

Keeping some things in mind, you can also earn daily $ 100 from Google Adsense.

  1. Create a blog or website on a topic whose CPC is high, for which you will have to do Keyword Research with a good Keyword Tool.
  2. Get at least 500 Keyword for your website on which you have to work, that is, for which you will write an article on your blog or website.
  3. Keep Keyword Research in an Excel file and then start working on it.
  4. To earn $ 100 Per Day, there should be at least 20K-30K Visitor’s Per Day on the blog.
  5. If you do all these things then you too can be successful in achieving such goal every day.

US Based Visitor’s website and blog

If you target your blog or website on US Visitor’s, then you can earn $ 100 Per Day even in less visitors. For which some such formulas can be

  • CTR Full Form – “Click Through Rate”
  • CPC Full Form – “Cost-per-Click”
  • RPM Means – Revenue Per 1000 impressions
  • The formula is = Visitors * CTR * CPC + Visitors / 1000 * RPM
  • So with 15K visitors per day we obtain around $ 100 / day on Adsense.
  • (15,000 * 1% * $ 0.5 + 15,000 / 1000 * $ 2 = $ 105 / day)

It takes some time to do any work to earn online Paisa on the Internet and get results from it,

so keep in mind that if you have done your job well then one day you will start getting results, and when the result If you start coming then you will not have even imagined.

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