Download Instagram Videos exchange announces public sale of Atari tokens on October 29, 2020

  • Price per attic token: $ 0.25
  • IEO platform enabled potential buyers to pass KYC before public sale

NEW YORK / PARIS – October 16, 2020 (19659004) – [19659004] Exchange [19659006] One of the leading authorities in the cryptocurrency exchange, announces details of the upcoming public sale of the Atari Token (ATRI) .

Atari is evolving and is envisioning a new mission to conquer the cryptocurrency space. Building a token to power the videogame industry,, enabling access to more platforms and users through the Atari wallet and more commonly a blockchain around the Atari brand- Building an ecosystem based. [१ ९ ६५ ९ ०० ९] Atari's objective is to progressively develop adoption and use cases of Atari tokens throughout the ecosystem. The Atari Group has recently entered into several partnership agreements to develop successive adoption and use cases of Atari tokens. The first use cases are in domains where the group is already active: video games or blockchain games, with objectives to expand into Defy to finance the game. A list of such partnerships is available at . [19659009009] Atari tokens are issued by Atari Chain, Ltd. (Gibraltar). For more information about the Atri token, please visit .

Potential buyers of Atari tokens can already register with KYC / AML processes and proceed using the registration page. Exchange IEO Platform here .

Description of upcoming public sale

  • Token Name: Atari Token (ATRI)
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Public Sale Date: October 29, 2020
  • Price Offer for 1 ATRI: $ 0.25
  • Hard Cap: $ 1,000,000 (One Million US Dollars)
  • Circulating Supplies Before Public Sale: 68.7 Million ATRI Token
  • Valuation Circulating Supplies Before Public Sale, Price for 1 ATRI Based on: $ 17.2 million

For more information, please visit the IEO platform

[withtheupcomingIEOatticAndthroughBitcoincomExchangeAMAsdicoordinatesandpublicawarenessinformationinformationinformationinformationandinformationinformationandinformationWasanaturalchoice"saidFrederickChesanisCEOofAtariChainWiththegoalofdeliveringtheultimateexperienceinthevideogameandinteractiveentertainmentindustrybothteamsareworkinghand-in-handformassadoptionofAtaritokens[१ ९ ६५ ९ ०० ९] "The upcoming launch of the public sale of Atari tokens has got the team and I am delighted" said chief Danish Chaudhary. “The launch of the IEO platform supplies both teams with the foundation to advance marketing efforts in the industry. The platform provides all the necessary details for our community to understand more about Atari tokens, while giving merchants the ability to pass KYC before public sale, once for a faster process. "[१ ९ ६५ ९ ०२१] Part of the progress [१ ९ ६५ ९ ०३ Bit] Exchange has started the process by opening a portal where users will be able to undergo KYC / AML verification before the token sale to be held in November. Starting their journey with the public sale of Atarichain Please click on the link below, and go through all the necessary requirements to create your account for IEO. [१ ९ ६५ ९ ०० ९] Access our forum [१ ९ ६५ ९ ०१ ९] here [१ ९६५ ९ ००६]. [१ ९ ६५ ९ ०२१] A Public Sale / IEO What is? [१ ९ ६५ ९ ०३ In] In short, an initial exchange offering, commonly known as an IEO, is a fundraising event administered by an exchange. Unlike an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) , Where the project team does the fundraising itself, an Initial Exchange offering means that the fundraising will be conducted on a well-known exchange fundraising platform, similar to the upcoming Exchange Launchpad. Users can use their own Can buy tokens with funds directly from the exchange wallet Are.

About Exchange

The mission of Exchange is to empower people around the world to trade cryptocurrency with ease and confidence. Time traders for advanced business professionals. With high liquidity, 24/7 multilingual support and dozens of trading pairs, supplemented with a high level of security, we provide an attractive platform for trading any cryptocurrency. Within a year since launch, on average, our exchange has been visited by more than 500K active traders per month, and the number keeps growing as we read this sentence.

About Atari

Atari, made up of Atari SA and. Its subsidiaries are a global interactive entertainment and multiplier licensing group. Founded in 1972, the true innovator of video games, Atari owns and / or manages a portfolio of over 200 games and franchises, including globally known brands such as Asteroid®, Centipede®, Missile Command® and Pong® Are included. From this important portfolio of intellectual properties, Atari distributes attractive online games for smartphones, tablets and other connected devices. Atari also develops and distributes interactive entertainment for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo game consoles. Atari also leverages its brand and franchise with licensing agreements through other media, derivative products and publishing.

Media Contact Information Exchange

Contact Name: Antonio Bilsi (19659009) Contact Email: antonio @

Atari Chain, Ltd.

The Transform Group [19659007] Contact Name: Transform Group

Contact Email:


Contact Name: Peter Dow [१ ९ ६५ ९ ०० ९] Contact Email: [१ ९ ६५ ९ ०६०] [१ ९ ६५ ९ ०६१] This is a press release. Readers should do their due diligence before taking any action related to the promoted company or any of its affiliates or services. is not directly or indirectly responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or caused by the use or reliance of any content, goods or services mentioned in the press release.

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