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Twitter changes its hacked content policy in the wake of New York Post controversy – TechCrunch


Twitter has announced an update to its hacked content policy – stating that now hacked content will not be removed unless it is directly hacked by hackers or They are not shared by people unless "they act in concert with them."

Instead of preventing such content / link from being shared on its service, it states that it will "provide context" to the tweet. [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००३] Twitter's rules against posting personal information, synthetic and manipulative media, and non-consensual nudity still apply – so, it can still, for example, remove links to hacked content If the content is being linked to a violation of other policies. But tweeting links to hacked materials no longer automatically detects.

hard on the heels. The company's decision this week to prohibit sharing the New York Post article – which claimed to have left laptop hardware at a repair shop with Hunter Biden, son of US presidential candidate Biden There were related emails and other data. [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००३] Twitter's decision to ban post-article sharing attracted vicious criticism from high-profile Republican voices – with the likes of Senator Josh Hawley [१ ९ ४५ ९ ०११] [१ ९ ४५ ९ ००५] tweeting that the company "is now censoring journalists" . ] Twitter's hacked content policy explicitly allows "reporting on hacking, or sharing press coverage of hacking", but the company later clarified that it had acted because the post In the article it was personal and private information – such as email addresses and phone numbers – that violate our rules ”. (Also the post was not reporting on the hack; but rather e-mailed itself on the claim of email and cache discovery.)

The post article at the same time is highly controversial in itself. How did the data scenario come into the hands of a random laptop repair shop that then opted to hand it over to a prominent Trump aide – credibility canceling the election-targeting operation. As we reported on [१ ९ ४५ ९ ०१ ९] Wednesday [१ ९ ४५ ९ ००५]] [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००३] that, given the quality of fact-checking and journalistic standards of the post in this case, Twitter's decision to ban the article's sharing was actually I seem to have helped reduce the spread. Disorganization – even & # 39; Journalism & # 39; It also attracted the company to close.

( also It is revealed that the harddrive was manufactured shortly before the laptop was claimed. Shop. So most likely scenario Hunter Biden's iCloud hack Tax was levied and doctored emails were put on drives where data could & # 39; be searched & # 39; and leaked to the press in an attempt to influence a ham-fade. US presidential election c. .E. But Twitter is clearly uncomfortable accusing journalists of censoring it by implementing its policy.)

In a tweet thread explaining its policy, Twitter's legal, policy and trust and changes in security leadership While doing so, Vijaya Mattress writes: "We want to address concerns that may have unintended consequences for journalists, whistleblowers and others, which is contrary to Twitter's purpose of serving public conversation." [19659003] He also noted that when the hacked content policy was first introduced in 2018. Twitter has fewer tools for policy enforcement, which now states: “We have recently added new product capabilities, such as labels to provide people with additional context. We are no longer limited to deleting tweets as an enforcement action. "

Twitter began adding relevant labels to policy-breaking tweets rather than this year by US President Donald Trump . Delete his tweet completely. It has continued to expand the use of these reference signals – such as adding fact-checking labels to some conspiracy theory theory – to counteract bad speech & # 39; and More speech & # 39; give. The tweet takedown / account ban (which is also [19459026)hasrecentlybeenimplementedontheJahriliyasajisiddhistgroupQAnon.

We said that "we believe that tweeting and empowering people to assess content for themselves. Performs better public interest and public interaction. The hacked content policy is being updated to reflect these new enforcement capabilities, "Mattress also says," content moderation is incredibly difficult, especially in the context of an election critical. We are trying to act responsibly and quickly to prevent loss, but we are still learning. "

The updated policy is clearly not a free-for-all, all other Twitter rules against hacked content apply (such as doxxing). However, the question is whether the post from the article Linked tweets will still be taken under the updated policy, if the story actually contains personal information (which remains against Twitter's policy).

At the same time, the new & # 39; Third Way & # 39; hacked content The policy for Twitter leaves the platform of Twitter as a conduit for the dissemination of political disintegration (with only little reference friction) – in instances where it has been sincerely appreciated by the press. May raise the finger of blame.) [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००३] The new policy also raises the question of how Twitter will determine whether someone is working with hackers in concert? Spitballing here only but if – say – On the eve of the poll, Trump was supposed to share some highly questionable information that smeared his major political rival and he said He was to be handed over by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to step into Twitter and delete it. ;

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