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Founder of Yarn Finance in EMN Token Hack Blames Social Actors for Role

Yarn Finance founder Andre Cronje says he has not misjudged the economic interest of the Eminence (EMN) project, which He works well. He accuses some social actors of creating a story around EMN, causing rational actors to jump on tokens. Cronje's comments come from reports that a group of members of the Demi community planning to sue the smart contract builder are guilty of a $ 15 million EMN token hack. [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००३] Cronje says that he is not inseparable [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००४] Medium [१ ९ ४५ ९ ०१०] In the post [१ ९४५ ९ ०० ९]Cronje has vowed not to use his Twitter account, about his role and the journey he has taken It is said that they have both failures. Successes. In what may seem like an attempt to absent myself, Cronje writes: [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००५] "I was wrong more often than I was right, I have failed more often than I was successful. I had ideological ideas that The exercises failed. I do not build to make a number. "Cronje mentions the involvement of speculators and how it deviates from the main objectives of constructing useful tools. [19659009005] The founder of Yern claims that Defy tokens are not the same as stocks. He says, although "people treat them like stocks, in Defy, tokens are a coordinating mechanism." He says the possession of the token should be a sign that someone "wants to be a contributor and not a retainer."

Reduction in bookies wastage

Meanwhile, Cronje also clarifies that a clear distinction between a team (devs) and the community, which they say is the source of friction, should not exist. [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००५] "There is no separation, they are one and the same," elaborates the crony that now says that they did not make Yarn. [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००५] The founder of the yarn then summarized it. On the bumped EMN token whose code he says "served as the design."

Extending myself further, Cronje explains:

"The contract went through my normal testing cycles and was in the 5th phase, that day alone I deployed. ~ 2 different versions. LBI works as intended. Doing it, it still is, and I'm still using it to create a real-world example of how such templates work. "

Instead, the founders of Yearn blamed those That confuse price with functionality. He points to LBI as a perfect example where "people bought it from Uniswap, raising the price, something that a rational actor understood about how the system worked." Has not. "

is the latest use of the Liquidity Income (LBI) Cronje. Was introduced on October 13" for the purpose of research as an incomplete product. "

Despite the caveat and the fact that Cronje has the latest Did not use a Twitter account to announce the experiment, users still deposited [19459407] ETH in this unprovoked contract. It is on this basis that Ronnie attempts to extricate himself from the actions of irrational actors, though he admits that he is "naïve"

a balance between developers and ordinary users

Meanwhile, Cronje's comment about token stocks Appear different from. Getting support from others within the Diffie community. One of those who agreed with Cronje is Daniel Dabek, whose organization launched a token in 2015, which is "used to become a member of the decentralized board of business." Initially from a small amount of ($ 50,000), Dabek says they "evolved into an entire blockchain network from scratch over the years."

Yet, like Crony, who sees "conflict in space", he also speaks of Dubeb. There were challenges when trying to strike a balance between getting people interested and making tools: [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००५] "It's another thing to make tools that will empower them to put into people's hands." [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००५] Meanwhile, furthermore tried to clear his name. , Cronje does not directly address reports of imminent lawsuits . Instead, he says he will continue to build. [१ ९ ६५ ९ ००५] [१ ९ ४५ ९ ०२०] [१ ९ ४५ ९ ०११] What do you understand by the comments of Andre Cronje? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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